Killer Squat

Dear Reader,

There is one single exercise move that is a powerhouse.  Do you know which?  It works major muscles, keeps your heart rate pumping, burns tons of fat and has endless versatility.  You can perform them with or without added weight.  You can do them with added steps to target certain muscles, like the one I am using as an example below, or you can stick to the standard.  You can do them with jumps, with twists, fast or slow.

I’m sure you guessed, the SQUAT.

Trivia question for you:

Which body parts do men spend the most time admiring on women?  I think you can guess the top 2.  One of which, you have control over.

The specific style of squat I am sharing with you today is the most effective butt lifting exercise I know.  I’ve tried a ton of them and this is one that has stuck with me and I do it EVERY time I strength train with astonishing results.   If you’re like me and have zero help from nature in this area, this exercise will benefit you, the most.

Your bottom will most likely feel firmer, lift higher from the bottom and have a more youthful shape, if you do this twice per week.  It may take a few weeks, though not many, to notice a dramatic difference in your tush.  It helps the legs and core as well, but you’ll “see” the benefit in your behind the quickest.

Runners out there: you will really appreciate this exercise since it combats the sagging that can sometimes occur from repeated runs – if you are 20-something, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Yet.  Keep this for your future self.

Exercise: The Killer Squat

Time Requirement: 5 to 7 minutes

Space Requirement: anywhere

Reps: repeat 15 times for each leg for beginners and  20-25 for each leg, once you’re an old pro

Step 1: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointing away from you, slightly.

Step 2: Squat into the standard squat – back aligned into a straight line at all times, lower almost sitting position or as close as you can get but no lower than sitting position if you feel any pain. Pay close attention to your knee position; your shin should be as straight up and down as possible to avoid injury.  Everyone has a little different form and some find it hard to keep shin straight, but remember –  your knee should align with the middle of your foot at the most  – never leaned forward past the point of your toes.

If you need further clarity, has a perfect tutorial on the squat, here or below.  I highly recommend watching his video.

standard squat

Step 3: In one swift motion, lift your body to standing position while simultaneously lifting your back leg and foot as far behind you as you can go, with your toe pointed ~ that’s right, just like a ballerina.  You should not feel any pain, but should naturally know when to stop the position.  Hold momentarily and return to squatting position and repeat for the number of reps, based on your ability.

kick backwards and squeeze muscles in your rear

Pay attention to your muscle in your rear, the Gluteus Maximus, during this kick back movement.  You should be able to focus your attention on it and to clench it as tight as possible for best results.  Don’t forget to breath!  For maximum leg results and benefit, try this with weights, after you are comfortable.  Hold the weights in your hands.

Try this for a few weeks (two times or more in a week for best results) and tell me what you think.  And, don’t forget to review my disclaimer page before you exercise.

I’d like to close with an acknowledgment to the fine work of my photographer, my 9-year old daughter.  Thanks G!


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