How to Rally

Hi Reader!

Think you’re the only one that loses motivation every now and then?  Think again!

Even dedicated fitness junkies can lose it sometimes.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve for when that happens to me.  See if they might work for you too.

1. Refresh Your Workout Clothes!

Guys, this is for you too.  I know it sounds female oriented, but I promise, running in a new pair of shorts or stair stepping in correctly fitted workout clothes can motivate you, too.

I am not the type who likes to spend a lot on clothes (so easy to do) to go to the gym or run in, but I also don’t like to wear things that are too big, bulky or sloppy looking.

I’ll share two places I love to shop:

The Gap Outlet or Old Navy

Girls, most Gap outlet stores carry Gap Body, which is where you will find a lot of the fitness clothes.  They have everything from yoga pants to fitness tops with built-in support.  I don’t care for the really thin sports bras they sell (not enough support), but I have several of their workout tanks and they are great, but they need to fit pretty snug to support you correctly.  This option won’t offer much in Women’s sizing.  Guys, you’ll find a nice selection of t-shirts (not sweat wicking) and gym-shorts for light workouts.  I wouldn’t suggest your serious fitness clothes come from here, but you can save a few dollars for the days that you are lifting weights.

If you can’t visit a Gap outlet, try your Old Navy.  Some of the quality is not great, but you can weed through and find some stuff for a very reasonable price.  I have bought tons of yoga pants here through the years.

NO, I cannot bring myself to pay for Lulu!  Do people actually work out in those?

Under Armour Outlet

Huge selection of all types of fitness clothing, at a very nice discount for BOTH men (through size 4XL) and women (through size 18).  I suggest, checking out the clothing at your local sports store (Dicks or Academy, etc…) that sell Under Armour and see which sizes, styles and lengths you like, before ordering anything online.  I also suggest looking at their fit guides and sizing charts.  They have a wonderful return policy, which is a big part of why I like them: Our mission is clear: Make All Athletes Better. If you are not 100% satisfied with your gear, return it for a full refund.  Anytime. Any Reason. Guaranteed.  AND they ship for free on all orders over $50.

Also, follow me on Facebook ( and you’ll know when you can shop, for free shipping, because I keep my eye on it.

Suit up and get going!

2. Create a New Playlist!

This might be the single best motivator that works for me.  If I buy or borrow new music, it’s enough to get me excited to run.  Period.

Try these favorites of mine for cardio (YouTube playlist, plays them, one right after another):

3. Read a Fitness Magazine or Blog

There is something about seeing others doing it (what you want to motivate yourself to do – haha) that gets you moving.  Reading a good fitness magazine or blog (wink, wink) can remind you visually and mentally, of why you want to work out in the first place.

Try these print magazines or online versions:


Men’s Health –

Men’s Fitness –


Health Magazine –

Shape Magazine –

By the way, researching men’s magazines for this blog post is really the first time I have ever picked up a magazine that was male oriented.  It was fascinating!  I especially liked seeing the male perspective on women, dating and sex.  Very interesting.  Guys, maybe you should pick up a Redbook or Cosmo.

4. Hang Out with Your Fit Friend(s)

Spending quality time with our “fitter than thou” friends can really motivate us, by example!  You’ll be more likely to eat healthier or be more active with the fittest friend you have, than the couch potato.  Even better than going for a walk, make a group date to play tag football with a bunch of fit friends or opt for old-fashioned recess games like freeze tag, dodge ball or kickball.  It’s still as much fun as you remember!  And the best part, it’s FREE!  Or maybe the best part is the happy hour that follows.

5. If All Else Fails, Make Your Bed

I know this sounds crazy, but give it a try!  If you find yourself sitting around on a Saturday afternoon, wishing you had the energy to go to the gym but you’re just feeling blahhhhhhh… get up, and straighten your desk, clean up your coat closet or deep clean something small, like the kitchen sink.  When you’re finished, you’re more likely to get dressed for the gym than you are to sit back down on the couch.


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