Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 1 of 6

Dear Diary,

I am addicted to sugar and all things sweet.  How do I know this?  Because it’s the one diet blunder that I commit on a regular basis and it’s the only thing I actually crave.  I have Sugar Shame.  It’s a big fat contradiction to my fit life and healthy living.  When I’m eating a lot of sugar I have blood sugar crashes and when I’m not, I don’t.  But that doesn’t stop me.  Is that the definition of addicted?  I am taking the first step and admitting I am.  Whew.  Glad that’s over.

My Little White Lie:

I convinced myself and even several people I love, that sugar was better than high fructose corn syrup, that as long as you were eating the old-fashioned version, you were fine.  Well, come to find out, that is not true.  Now I am looking at my beloved sugar in a very different light.  My relationship with sweets may be forever changed.  I’m not so sure I’m happy about this.  I liked eating my ice cream in peace without the nagging information in the background and without knowing my Hot Tamales were turning straight to fat in my liver and storing it, most likely, in my belly.  Is this the reason I can’t achieve six-pack abs no matter how thin I am?  Or is it the entire box of sour patch kids, that’s supposed to be 4-servings, that I consume in 4-minutes flat?   Who, on this entire earth, is satisfied with only 9, anyway?

My Non Stigma:

Funny, how admitting I have a “sweet tooth” generates zero reaction from those around me.  What if I said I had an “alcohol problem”?  Would the reaction be different?  Probably. I would be looked upon like someone who can’t control their urges.  Out of control and sad.  Society accepts my sugar addiction without thinking I can’t control my impulses.  Is it any different?  The other problem is that I am a functioning sugar addict.  I run.  A lot.  So the sugar doesn’t stay with my hips, thighs and butt.  Most people probably roll their eyes at me when I tell them I’m addicted to sugar.  I couldn’t eat but so much, right?  Sigh.  Some days, half of my calories are from sugar base.  But no one knows this…

My Eye Opener:

I watched a video recently, by Dr. Lustig, about what sugar does to my body.

Sugar – The Bitter Truth – You Tube

It’s sent me into a tailspin of how can this be?  Not sugar!!  I’m not drunk!!

After the shock and anger, came the grief.

Now it’s pushed me to drastic measures.  Effective tomorrow, I’m cutting sugar (with some rules) for 6-weeks. I’m going to write to you each and every week, on Friday, to report:

~ how I’m feeling

~ how hard it’s been

~ changes in my body

~ changes in my mood, for better or worse

~ the truth

I’m not looking forward to the first week.  Like any addiction, the beginning is the hardest.  I am probably going to be quite Bi@c%y and tired feeling.   I have this feeling that it impacts more than I realize and this is going to be the test.  This will be my proof, without all the scientific fact mucking it up, once and for all.  Do I feel different, look different, act different?


Hopefully I will make it to the end.  Hopefully I can do it without too many set backs and get right back on the horse if I fall off.

My Rule Book:

Rule Number 1

The only refined sugar I can ingest is sugar with my coffee.  I’m giving up sugar, I’m not trying to go insane here.  It’s something that I am never willing to give up in my real life, so I might as well not give it up here.  My motto is that if you can’t make the lifestyle change going forward, then this will end in fad diet failure.  I am willing to give up white sugar and go to sugar in the raw or even possibly Agave Nectar.  Let’s stick to the cold hard fact: I’m willing to give up all sugar except my morning dose in my coffee.  I am willing to compromise on the type.  Sadly, I cannot have coffee any other time of day, unless I’m willing to drink it black, because I’m not allowed more than my morning sugar.  That would be like the smoker who’s trying to quit and only smokes when they drink…  Fail.

Rule Number 2

Because I’m not ever going to give up fruit. I am allowed natural occurring food sugar in fruits and veggies.  However, absolutely no added sugar, as in the kind on dried fruits.  AND no juice.

Rule Number 3

No lies.  I have to report in my diary if I screw up.  Period.

Rule Number 4

Diligently check every label. No sugar means no sugar.  Salad dressings will be a problem for me over the next 6-weeks.  I looked on the back of my italian dressing packet that I mix with oil and vinegar and the VERY FIRST INGREDIENT is sugar.

Rule Number 5

No quitting.  No giving up.

My Motivation:

“If at first an idea isn’t absurd there is no hope for it.” ~ Albert Einstein

Off I go, to enjoy my last day, full of sugar.  I’m likely to eat it for all three meals and give it a very proper send off.

Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 1 of 6

  1. It will very hard to give all sugar up because it is in everything you just don’t know until you start to look at all the labels of food you eat good luck

  2. I have sugar cravings like a crazy person too. Good job taking the challenge to cut out sugar! I love to make excuses like “well most people drink their sugar, so I can eat a bag of Skittles,” but I know it is horrible for my body. Good luck!

    • I’ve made that same excuse! My biggest crutch is “everything in moderation”. I am actually excited to see if I notice a big difference, like I suspect I will. If it’s noticeable, it may be enough to be a permanent thing for me. So far so good, two days in.

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