Power Smoothies

Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I read a book called Green for Life written by Victoria Boutenko. Although I admire her lifestyle, it did not inspire me to live the raw green smoothie diet. I’m not a fan of anything that is all or nothing. However, I do make a few of her smoothies on a regular basis because they are actually delicious. It’s a great way to incorporate a huge dose of veggies into your diet to energize and nourish. You don’t have to become a fanatic!

The color of the smoothie can be off-putting, especially to children. It’s not as green as you’d expect, but more brown and murky looking. I got beyond this by blindfolding my kids the first time they ever tried it and asked them if they liked it before removing the blinders.

Try one of these recipes to replace your breakfast. I find it never really satisfies me by itself, so I normally have something along side an 8oz glass, like a low-fat string cheese.

The recipes below make an entire blender full, enough for the family. My kids love it, so chances are, yours will too.


With each recipe, blend all of the ingredients in your blender until it is liquid enough to suck through a straw and then blend it some more – trust me, you can’t blend it enough. I actually serve them over ice, since I think they taste better cold. The color gets even more brown if you try to save them, so make whatever you’ll use immediately and save the remaining fruit and other ingredients for another round later in the week. As always, organic is best and make certain you wash your produce thoroughly.

Welcome Smoothie for Beginners:

1-cup chard (I use whatever kind I can find but prefer swiss)

1-cup spinach

8-10 strawberries (the entire berry, stems and all)

1-peeled mango, pit removed

1-apple (the entire thing, core and all)


the juice of one lemon

2-cups water

Hawaiian Dandelion

3-cups dandelion greens (sold at most grocery stores, but I never knew it because I’d never looked)

1-cup pineapple pieces


1-apple (the entire thing, core and all)

2-cups water

Summer Delight

6-peaches, pits removed

2-handfuls spinach

2-cups water

Igor’s Favorite 

1/2-blender of spinach

4-apples, pealed, cored

1/2-lime with peel


2-cups water

Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to make up your own and have fun with the ingredients. Sometimes I make them to get rid of produce that’s just on the edge, bananas that are too ripe or peaches that have bruises, etc… Some of my favorite fruits and veggies to make up recipes with are: celery, kale, radishes, blueberries and cucumbers. I like to throw in things that are good for me, that I don’t typically like by itself. Refrain from adding juice. If you want sweet, use whole fruits. Juice eliminates the pulp and nutrition and you’re left with only the sugar.

If you’ve never tried one, you should! It will jumpstart your day and it will be the easiest dose of greens you’ve ever had!


5 thoughts on “Power Smoothies

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  4. I actually like the taste of them and so do my kids. It’s a nutritional powerhouse too, so it makes me feel pretty good when they’re drinking them. I bet it did help with recovery. Greens are a natural infection fighter!

  5. I’ve been making smoothies more often since Miles is at that annoyingly picky eater stage. I can throw in kale, spinach, parsley, etc into a smoothie and as long as there’s enough fruit in there to help with the taste he will suck them down!
    I also made them a lot right after my surgery…they helped with swelling and were full of good stuff I needed to help with recovery.

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