Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 2 of 6

Dear Diary,

Thankful the week is over!

I’m also glad my week started with the weekend. I was busy enough not to dwell on what I was doing, which can make it worse than it actually is. I do hit a small snag when it’s really hard to come up with a sugar-free cocktail. Even bloody mary mix has sugar in it! I’m making a note to myself to research this a little more. This might be the hardest part of the next six weeks. sigh.

Monday started the week with a sour mood. Luckily it improved with the day and some exercise.

On Tuesday, I had one snag in the road: my Costco run that sometimes includes a fat-free frozen yogurt. There’s something mental about not being allowed to have it that makes my body (or mind) want it all the more.

Wednesday I attended a happy hour with some girlfriends with tons of really great drinks on the menu. I ended up with a glass of wine because all those fabulous little cocktails had some form of sweetener in them. Oh well. It’s only 6-weeks, right? I can do anything for that long.


Week one was a huge success. I am SHOCKED. I was not miserable. I’m also not holding my breath, could have just been an easy first week. I am remembering past sugar cravings and there is no way those are gone.

I am glad I’m doing this little experiment, if only to open my eyes to the fact that so many products contain so much sugar. The biggest offender, the gluten-free crackers! They are packed with sugar, probably to hide the taste of whatever they’re made with.

I am hopeful, at the end of this, I will be more aware and eat less sugar, overall. My taste buds will be retrained. All this knowledge and willpower I’ve amassed will pay off and I’ll be over the sugar, once and for all!  Haha.

Do I feel different? I’m asking myself this question, each week. So far, I have not felt a huge difference in my energy level, up or down. I have, however, had an unusual week, so it may just be unnoticeable with all the other commotion distracting me.

What I did notice is my fruit consumption doubled this week. That’s probably the natural order of things and where we are supposed to get our sugar from. This might be a powerful lesson for me.

Week one, down. Five more to go.

I’ve spent a good deal of this week, researching the reason sugar is so bad for us. Have you ever wondered where your “flat tire” came from? You’ll want to read what I’ve found. It’s quite interesting. You can read it, below.

Here is a question that I’m asking myself right now: if I have to choose between a few alcoholic beverages each week and sugar, which will it be? Life is full of sucky choices!

So, until next week,

Sugar Free

Fructose vs. Glucose

Do you know the difference between Fructose and Glucose?  I did not, before this research began.

Fructose is only processed and broken down in your liver cells.  Glucose is broken down and used throughout your body by every cell, as energy, in the form of starch.

So, when you eat table sugar, for instance, it’s 50% Fructose and 50% Glucose. Guess where that 50% Fructose (the bad sugar) is headed? Right around your mid section. Ever wonder where your “flat tire” came from? Well, that’s where. Fructose. It can also come from alcohol. The Fructose in sugar is broken down almost exactly like alcohol without the “buzz” effect.

Crazy, huh?

1/3 of American’s have what is referred to as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

I cannot help but wonder if I do.

And, get this, liquid forms hit the liver faster than an apple, for instance. Liquid forms include Coke or fruit juice. It would take 3 or 4 apples to ingest the equivalent level of Fructose contained in one Coke or one 8-oz glass of OJ.

How does Fructose cause heart disease?

Triglycerides build up in the liver cells and damage its function. Then they are released into the bloodstream (after they’ve already torn up your liver function) and contribute to the growth of fat filled plaque inside your artery walls, which is how it contributes to heart disease. The triglycerides basically shred the lining of your artery and thus allow the plaque, from other foods, to stick. People who eat a ton of sugar, have highly inflamed and damaged artery walls. Think of the guy who drinks a few Cokes in one day. That’s him. You would be shocked at how little it takes.

The other factor is Uric Acid forms and turns off production of nitric oxide, a substance that actually helps to protect artery walls from damage. So, making them more susceptible to the triglyceride damage, thus a perfect storm forms.

Sugar becomes more of a villain for me, with every word of research I read. I’m stunned that I’ve lived in total darkness up until now. I care so much about what I eat and I’ve been wearing blinders when it comes to sugar.


2 thoughts on “Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 2 of 6

  1. Good job on one week! I remember what was so frustrating to me when I did a 10 day no sugar challenge last year was that it wasn’t just that I had to avoid sweets, but I had to buy new peanut butter, different yogurt, and different bread.

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