Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 3 of 6

Dear Diary,

Week two is done!  Where is my trophy?  Feels pretty good to be able to say that.  I am insanely jealous of people without a sweet tooth.  This little experiment is making me hate mine, for the simple fact that it shows such a weak point.  I am very aware of how addicting sugar is and how addicted I am, now.

I had a major setback one morning this week.  I made oatmeal raisin cookies for my daughter’s class and had one.  Resisting a warm oatmeal raisin cookie is apparently too much to ask of myself. I was very disappointed afterward, since my record is now tarnished and that makes it so much easier to blemish it again.  Hopefully I can re-commit and move on without slipping anymore.  The worst part, it didn’t even taste good.  It was NOT worth it.  Blah. Blah.

I think the best part of the week was when I noticed my coffee tasted really sweet.  Too sweet.  I was using the normal amount of sugar that I use each morning, but it just tasted terrible.  So, the next cup, I cut the sugar down.  Several decreases and cups of coffee later, I added about half the amount of sugar that I would normally use and I was satisfied.  I am amazed that I am using sugar only because I consume sugar.  The more you consume, the more you want.  I’ve never seen the evidence of what I’ve always read about sugar being addictive.  It’s shocking.  Each week, sugar becomes less of my friend.


Week two was a success, despite the cookie.  In reality, I can’t wait until this is over and I can add it back into my diet in moderation.  Maybe after 6-weeks, sugar-free, I’ll be able to do that and be happy with that amount.  I did have several cravings for sugar that were not fun.  I wanted dark chocolate one day while I was in a Tuesday Morning.  It was almost justifiable in my mind, being that it was DARK chocolate that I wanted.  Thankfully, I walked right by those tidy little bags of Lindt.

If I could do the week over, I would skip the cookie and give in to the chocolate.  At least the indiscretion would have been worth it!


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