Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 4 of 6

Dear Diary,

Week three is done!  Happy Friday, indeed!  Definitely the hardest, thus far.  After I had an epic fail on Saturday night, I picked myself back up and climbed back on the horse.  It’s sooooo HARD.  I hate that I love sugar, so much.  I had a giant bowl of ice cream with my kids on Saturday night and felt so terrible about it afterward, it almost, was not worth it.  I have been beating myself up, ever since.

But, I’m purging my sin by admitting it here.  Over. Done. Moving on.

I have not noticed myself feeling any different or better.  I am preoccupied with dreams of chocolate, though, so maybe I’m not noticing.  I was hoping, at the beginning of this, to notice a definitive difference in my energy or my skin or my waistline or something. . . anything, really.  That sure would make it easier to stay away from the stuff.

Not good news, at all.


Week three was not a huge success, but I’m hoping to redeem myself in the next two.  Every day, I realize a little more, why an all or nothing approach is not the way to go, for me.  I like my life of moderation and it does work for me if I can stay within a reasonable amount of sugar.  I think I would be a very unhappy person without it all together.  I will get to the end of the weeks with a better respect for it, for sure.

Until then, I dream of Sour Patch Kids and ooey gooey dark chocolatey things  .  .  . like this:

Oh My Gosh. Mine. All Mine.


2 thoughts on “Diary of A Sugar Addict Part 4 of 6

  1. First of all, YOU look GREAT!! Please don’t beat yourself up over a bowl of ice cream, a scoop here and there will be okay…..I definitely have a sweet tooth like you and do at times beat myself up for it, knowing that I have done good than to fall off the wagon, ugh! It’s okay I tell myself but I tried not to buy anything that I enjoy like my favorite gluten-free apple-spice walnut bread….yummmmm! So I tend not to buy it anyone, I would make an excuse and tell myself its for Dave but I would take a bite here and there. You are a strong individual and hope to see you soon!! Say “hi” to Ava for me, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the two of you. Have a great weekend!

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