My Fav Running Articles


Dear Reader,

In preparation for Friday, thought you might enjoy a few of my favorite reads about running and also some motivation and a little humor.  These links cover anything from the benefits of running to the humor of the sport.  Here are a few of my favs:

An oldie but goodieBenefits of Running – Ririan Project Blog : several of the most common benefits of running are outlined and a few pointers at the bottom.

Interesting read from a new mom about runningThe Truth About Running – Ask Coach Jenny : heart wrenching story about how a runner achieved balance with birth.

My favorite post about running goalsRunning and Fat Loss Pt 1 – Fix Your Run Blog : must read! Talks about why it’s best to have one goal correctly identified and it’s slightly funny; I like his writing style.

Why losing weight is NOT the best goal for runnersRunning and Fat Loss Pt 2 – Fix Your Run Blog : really lays it out with the difference between fat burning training and running to become a runner.  For the record, I follow both.  I strength train at high interval at least twice per week and run every other day, long distance.  So, you CAN have it all and do both.  His point is that if you’re running only to burn fat, you could probably find much better, more efficient way.  Run because you want to love it and to become mentally and physically strong.  Running to lose weight is probably not the best goal, but who knows, you may end up finding out that you LOVE to run and then your goal changes.

A great read about eating for endurance vs. eating for weight loss when combined with runningRunning and Fat Loss Pt3 – Fix Your Run Blog : don’t skip this one, it’s all about the different strategies according to food.

A tutorialTen Things Every New Runner Should Know – Running Through Life Blog : I have to say, I don’t agree with his stance on running shoes, I believe you can wait until you know you’re going to continue running and when you can run 20-minutes without stopping.  But it was entertaining to read.

A word about heart rateRunning 101: Training With A Heart Rate Monitor – Running Competitor : also talks about heart rate monitors.  Worth a read.

HilariousJoggers Typecast  – Running Humor on Run the Planet : we can all relate.

See you Friday!  And Happy Halloween!


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