Dear Reader,

Today is my normal blog posting day, but instead of my usual long-winded health, fitness or nutritional diatribe, I thought I would simply leave you for the entire week with:

What I’m Most Thankful For:

  • 80-degree days in November, like yesterday, that I spend with family and friends in an amazing and FREE natural spring and park in Austin.
  • Comments from my readers, especially those that ask me questions that really make me think before answering.
  • My beautiful family, of course, and their own thankful hearts.
  • Though rare, days where my calendar is empty and the possibilities are almost too overwhelming.
  • Phone calls from my family and Facetime between my Mom and Kids.
  • My children’s straight A report cards and their perfect attendance because they are healthy enough to attend school every single day.
  • My right to vote.
  • The healthy body I was born with that allows me to keep it that way and enjoy life without the worry of sickness and pain.
  • My 12-year marriage and all of the ups and downs, yes, all of them.
  • Hot cups of coffee each morning.
  • Friends, new and old, here and there and Facebook to keep in touch.
  • My husband’s job and his hard work.
  • Girl’s weekends!
  • Hugs from my daughters.
  • My family’s prosperity, no matter how modest.
  • Being here, healthy and happy.

Have a wonderful, thankful and love filled Thanksgiving Holiday!


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