Color Me Rad

Hi Reader!

Today, Color Me Rad came to Austin and I was lucky enough to have the chance to run in it.  I had an absolute blast!!


If you ever have the opportunity to run in one of these, I highly recommend it!  It’s most fun to run it with others; I noticed most people were in groups.

You show up clean as a whistle in white and by the end, you are tie dyed from head to toe.  Literally, covered in color.  I had glops in my ears and even my undergarments were colored!  It was a lot of fun!  Color bombs were flying!

The run pace is slow because you get hung up behind people and there are a lot of walkers.  So, it’s a fun-run, not a serious race.  The attitude reflects that, as it is relaxed and casual and the rules are not rigid.  Kids under 7 run for free.  The packet pick-up is even fun with music and volunteer workers.  They didn’t make you show ID and you could pickup packets for your friends and even pick them up as you arrive at the race.  They were super easy on the rules and that really does make it more of a fun run.

I liked it!


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