Right Reasons and Wrong Reasons


Dear Reader;

As a fitness blogger, I can’t totally ignore the biggest fitness trend of every year: Resolutions. Ever wonder why New Year’s Resolutions sometimes stick and sometimes they don’t?  Why some people are so committed and then all of a sudden, they just…aren’t any longer?  Ever wonder what happened?  What went wrong?

There is only one real reason that resolutions fail.

I’ve had years where I professed some behavioral change as of January 1 and I’ve had years where I’ve skipped the entire episode.

The years that I’ve had success, all have one thing in common.

The year that I quit smoking, for instance, commenced on January 1st, because of a resolution.  I smoked my very last cigarette on January 13th that year, after a minor hiccup of smoking with a friend of a friend, on friend number one’s back patio.  So, the very last cigarette I ever smoked was A. bummed B. unceremonious and C. a hiccup, a stumble, an oops.

We all stumble, but the difference between failure and success is getting back up.  Please excuse the cliché.  I didn’t start smoking that 13th day of quitting.  I realized I made a mistake, hated myself profusely and moved on.  The end.  PS I never smoked another one.  Not one.

The real reason that we succeed is our reason(s) behind our action.  Reasons are what gives backbone to our willpower.  They’re straight and solid or they’re loose and weak.  Is our reason true or is it fabricated based on perceptions of what we think we should be doing?  That is the question that begs asking.

Do you want to lose weight because you want to be healthy or because your husband commented on how good your friend Lisa looked, the last time you saw her?

Do you want to quit smoking because you’re embarrassed in front of your co-workers or is it because you are really ready to grow up and make smarter choices for yourself to be healthy?

Are you putting the alcohol down because you are tired of feeling like crap the next day or because you made a complete idiot of yourself the last time you drank, because of having too many?

REAL and right and true reasons succeed.  FEARFUL and false and wrong reasons, typically, do not.

That’s not to say you cannot have a combination of both working together.  When I quit smoking, I had a long list of whys.   (I wanted to get my lungs healthy.  I wanted to live longer and better.  I wanted to smell good again.  I wanted the headaches to stop.  I didn’t want to see the look on other’s faces any longer when they found out I was a smoker.  I wanted to be able to fly across the country in peace, not nicotine-withdrawal induced misery.  I didn’t want to pay for them any longer.  I was smoking too much, a pack a day.)  Some of them were true to me reasons and some of them were vanity and surface reasons.   Either way, the combination can work.  As long as you have a good reason gluing it all together.  The half-hearted reasons only take you so far.

It’s hard to accept it when we don’t have the right reasons backing up our decisions to do something positive in our lives.  BUT sometimes, the knowledge of this alone, inspires new and deeper reasons, almost as if the truth gives the real reasons, roots to grow.  It makes us stop and dig deep and discover the real reason we want something.  It can also add an element of determination.  A little bit of failure can also add determination to our reasons.

So, this year, I challenge you:

Re-evaluate your resolution.  It’s o.k. that we are 9-days into the new year.

Who knows, maybe your resolution will completely change in the process!

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