Beginner GREEN Smoothie

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In honor of everyone’s detox and cleansing rituals of the new year, here is a great beginner green smoothie.

I know you’ve heard of a green smoothie, which is what this recipe is supposed to be, but it is definitely not green!  I dare you to get beyond the color of this nutritional powerhouse and try it.  It is truly a beginner green smoothie, since it has a little more fruit in it, hence a sweeter taste.  If you have a friend you’d like to introduce to the green smoothie, pass this recipe on.  It is delicious and a great introduction.  It is in the top 5 smoothies, according to my kids.

I am always looking for ways to inspire families to try a green smoothie.  I read the book Green for Life several years ago, a book written by the queen of green smoothies, Victoria Boutenko.  I certainly don’t live her lifestyle of complete raw foods, but the smoothie is a great addition to anyone’s diet.  It can be very helpful for those that don’t like to eat raw veggies.

There are noticeable benefits to incorporating these greens into your lifestyle.  Here are a few of the things I notice, personally:

  • increased hydration
  • increased energy
  • clearer skin
  • overall feeling of health
  • increased cravings of healthy foods
  • increased regularity

There are also a few things I’d like to caution you about.

Number 1: If you are not an avid consumer of raw veggies normally, start slow. In other words, don’t consume half a blender of green smoothie and then try to go on a run that afternoon.  It will have an effect on your bowels, pretty fast.

Number 2: Change up your greenery and make sure to consume a variety of greens in order to maximize the benefit.  Be especially diligent to add the greens you wouldn’t normally eat in a salad, since those are the ones you are missing out on.

Number 3: Don’t rush out and buy a really expensive blender, unless you are sure you will continue blending.  In my family, we have a mid-range blender (Ninja) that works really, really well and we don’t see a need for the premium blender.  We ebb and flow with blending, which is what most families will do.

As always, organic produce is best.  Especially for fruits you will throw into the blender without peeling.  AND even if it is organic, wash it thoroughly before using.

If you begin to blend regularly, you may find yourself saving parts of produce for throwing into the blender.  For instance, if I buy carrots with stems and leafy greens still attached, I’ll keep the tops for use in a smoothie.  Same with tops of radishes and lots of other parts and pieces you might normally discard.

Truly Beginner Green Smoothie

1-cup baby spinach leaves

1-large kale leaf (use the rest for dinner)

tops and bottoms of two large celery stalks

(chop the leafy tops off and the white bottoms that you would never eat, use them in the smoothie and save the middle – good parts – for eating or to garnish your finished smoothie)

2-organic mini seedless cucumbers (or 1 regular size, seeded and peeled)

1-cup blueberries

1/2-cup fresh pineapple chunks (or frozen – no sugar added)

1/2 of one orange, peeled

Juice of one lime

Juice of one lemon

1-teaspoon of flax seeds (or ground flax seeds)

2-cups of water

2-cups of ice

Blend all ingredients until liquid consistency without chunks, about 3-5 minutes, depending on the power of your blender.


Green (brown) Smoothie for Beginners!

Green (brown) Smoothie for Beginners!

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