3M Half Marathon

The Finish!

The Finish!

Hello Reader;

Yesterday, my husband and I had the privilege of running in the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, TX.  Its course runs 13.1 miles, mostly downhill from the Arboretum (Capital of TX Highway and US183) to the State Capitol.

When I began training, I was pretty comfortable running 5 to 6 miles regularly.  I started in the beginning of November and trained really slow and really smart to avoid injury.  I have trouble with my knees, so it’s imperative that I follow a training plan precisely and not push too hard, too fast.  All of the work paid off.

I followed Jeff Galloway’s plan (commonly referred to as the Gallo Method), but tailored it slightly since I don’t walk, like he suggests.  I only followed his training schedule.

Yesterday, I crossed the finish much slower than I had hoped, but I was happy to have finished without having to stop to walk!  I struggled with the last mile during my training, not having successfully run the entire length of 13.1 without having to walk at the end.  BUT yesterday, I triumphed, finally and did succeed!  Though, at times it seemed like it might not turn out that way.  The race is mostly downhill until the very end, where there were several hills to climb.  NOT ideal placement of the hills!  If I could have chosen where they were, it would NOT have been at the END!

BUT, I FINISHED and that was my goal.  Maybe next time I’ll try for a time goal.

Now I’ll spend the next month or so getting my body back and resting my knees.  I gained about 5-pounds during my training (totally normal and it’s o.k. if it happens to you), which conveniently fell over the Holidays.  In order to run for over 2 hours, you have to give your body more food and fuel to do it, in most cases.  There is no way I could have sustained my run with my normal food intake.  It’s important that you eat fuel and not worry about pounds.  So, I will focus on my normal strength workouts that I put on hold in order to not stress my body outside of my running and get my body back to normal.  Some YOGA sounds good!  Maybe a massage too!

My point in sharing this with you is because I hope to inspire you to challenge yourself.  Each day, we can accept what we can already do or we can decide to see how much we can actually do.  5-years ago, I would have never, ever seen myself finishing 13 miles.  If I can do it, you can too.  Maybe you’ve wanted to push yourself to compete (or complete) in a triathlon or maybe you’ve simply wanted to push yourself to get in shape, once and for all.  I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT!  I promise.

Just before the finish line.

Just before the finish line.

Half Marathon 2

Just over the finish line, totally elated and proud!

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