Do you wear a mask when you eat these?

Dear Reader;

Lately, I keep thinking about our food supply and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).  Especially with Soy, which I try to avoid, since learning most of it is genetically modified (which means they can spray it with TONS of pesticides and the plant will survive) a.k.a. contaminated.  However, contaminated soy does not come with a label. How do I know this and why have I known it for a while?  Because I talk a lot about food, I read a lot about food, I write a lot about food.  All these things that most people don’t do.  So, if you are a normal person, not obsessed with food, you are probably just recently learning that soy (and corn too) is widely contaminated, because it’s finally, a hot topic in the news.

It’s a really scary thought when you think about GMO’s and all they represent. Here is a blog that does a great job of putting the questions out there:

So many things to worry about, right?  I agree. I get overwhelmed with most of it, just like you.  BUT this one does scares me, more than others.  Corn and soy are in so many things that a lot of americans consume – think processed anything, almost!  PLUS I’m sure there are other foods that are just like them, but haven’t come to the surface yet, without big media attention.

I try not to use this blog as anything to push my ideas forth, but you have a right to know about a huge MOMENT taking place right now over GMO labeling. Most of you have probably heard of it, thankfully, but if you haven’t, it’s time you did.

I believe in food labeling and that we have the right to know if a food we are consuming is modified.  I believe in it for my family and me, as well as for you and even for all of my future clients out there.  Just like we have a right to know how much sugar is in box of cereal, we have a right to know we are consuming a plant, NOT FROM NATURE.  It’s important, in my opinion.  And it should be disclosed.  We can influence the outcome of this, at this point, but if we’re not careful, we will lose the opportunity. The moment is now.

This article is something that you should read, about the federal labeling talks that are happening right now.  The grassroots efforts, led by people just like you and me, are in danger.  All because the big guns have jumped on board, just so they can CONTROL how unstrict strict the laws are.  Read this for information:

I’m wary on a good day.


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