It’s Been 6-Months!


Dear Reader,

WOW.  It’s PhatAndFit’s 6-month anniversary!  It’s been a blast!

So, I’ve decided to take a week off.  I’ll be working a little bit, while I’m away, though.  I’ll be preparing for a post that I’ll publish when I return.

The most common question I am asked, constantly, is “what DO you eat?”.  It’s probably because I can list off so many things I can’t or choose not to eat, people wonder what is left.  So, for the next 7-days, I’m going to log everything (and I mean everything!) I eat and drink.  My goal is to show people you CAN live without the processed and convenience foods and survive a busy lifestyle, all at the same time.  AND you’ll get a rare glimpse into my splurge week since I have visitors from out-of-town.  I’ll make sure I do another one at a later date that is a more normal week.

Thanks for being such a great audience and reading each week.  You inspire me to keep going!



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