Food Diary

1924712536_food_journal_xlargeDear Reader;

We’ve all been asked to keep a food journal at some point in our life.  Most of us will keep one in order to help us lose weight.  Sometimes we can gain insight into our eating issues and help correct the path.  It’s pretty interesting when you see what you’ve eaten over a block of time.

Food journals should be extremely detailed.  They should include weights and measurements.  They should tally totals of things you wish to track, like calories or fats.  They can even keep track of your servings of specific food groups.

HOWEVER, my journal, written here, does not include any measurements. The only reason I did not include them, is because I did not want to give specific nutritional advice, since I am not a dietician.  I am only giving my reader a glimpse into my personal daily food life because I am asked the question, of what I eat, on a regular basis.   I wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression that I am qualified to give advice on diet.

Also, I don’t track the amounts of what I eat, typically.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, I eat 80% healthy and 20% of whatever else I want.  I am not on a diet, except that I try really hard to eat as natural as possible and to eat mostly things that give my body nutrition.  Have you ever heard the term empty calorie?  I try to avoid those, but you’ll see, I can’t avoid them all.  And anyway, life wouldn’t be any fun, if I did.


coffee with sugar

raw spinach salad with toasted sesame dressing and sesame seeds

raw pineapple

0% FAGE cherry greek yogurt

Hot Tamales cinnamon candy

macaroni and cheese – a lighter version that I make for my family

green beans

fuji apple

red wine


coffee with sugar

organic brown rice cake with apple butter

grape tomatoes

hard-boiled egg


dark chocolate with chili flavor


0% FAGE blueberry yogurt

black bean and corn salad



raw almonds


coffee with sugar

green smoothie

That’s It fruit bar – apple and apricot

Rice Chex cereal with skim milk

Whole Foods butternut squash and crab bisque

green grapes

green peppers stuffed with quinoa and veggies



coffee with sugar

Think Thin bar – chunky peanut butter high protein

raw spinach salad with jicama, cranberries and light italian vinaigrette

manzanilla green olives stuffed with pimento

parmesan cheese slices

raw almonds

Cheese Head light string cheese

Cape Cod potato chips

red wine


coffee with sugar

fried green peas with salt

0% FAGE cherry greek yogurt

raw almonds


Thai food at a restaurant

green tea


green olives without pimento

tomato soup


coffee with sugar

humus with raw squash

kind bar – almond and blueberry

raw spinach salad with sautéed portabella mushroom

dark chocolate



green grapes

sweet potato with 0% FAGE greek yogurt and pecans on top


coffee with sugar

Cabot extra sharp cheddar

sliced low sodium chicken breast deli meat

iceberg lettuce


wasabi trail mix

steamed cauliflower

roasted brussels

grilled cod with seasonings

red wine


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