To Juice or To Blend?


Dear Reader;

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you hear someone talking about the other method (you know, the one you’re not doing), be it juicing or blending, and you begin to wonder if you should be doing that instead.  Juicing vs. Blending is a topic that I often find myself discussing.

I am a huge fan of blending, as you know, if you’re a regular reader.  Today, I am going to tell you why I prefer to blend over juice.

Let’s start with the biggest reason first:

FIBER Removes Toxins

I always chuckle slightly when I hear of people saying they are on a “cleanse” and it’s liquid.  The truth of the matter is, fiber is what removes or cleanses our toxins (pesticides included!) from the body.  The really, really simple explanation is this: we eat fiber, it moves through our bodies via the digestive process; toxins bind to the fiber and then get carried out with our waste.  If you do not eat fiber, the toxins sit inside of your colon, waiting to be eliminated.  You don’t eliminate waste as regularly or efficiently, without the fiber.  There is a reason FIBER reduces our risk of colon cancer.  It helps our bodies process and eliminate.

The simple truth is, most of us are in serious need of more true fiber in our diets anyway.

Blending Curbs Appetite

Fiber, again we are talking fiber, makes you feel full.  When you juice, you remove the plant and fruit fibers by separating the pulp and leaving only water and nutrients behind.  Although, not all of the nutrients are left behind in the juice.  You drink the mixture and ingest the sugars with the nutrients, only to feel unsatisfied and still in need of a full meal.  HOWEVER, there is one scenario where I think juicing is better: if you are ill and need fast absorption of nutrients to aid in healing.

Juicing Wastes Produce

The sheer amount of produce it takes to make an 8oz glass of juice seems like a waste, to me.  When you blend a blender full of fruits and veggies, you get a blender full of blended fruits and veggies.  There’s enough for the family!  That’s not the case with juicing.  It takes much, much more than a blender full, just to get one glass of juice.

Blending Stabilizes Blood Sugar

When you blend, you keep the pulp and fibers of the fruits and veggies in the mixture.  This helps to stabilize blood sugar by sowing down the digestion process, which slows the release of glucose.  So, those blood sugar spikes that can sometimes happen from juicing, are stabilized.  And it helps to keep it stable all day long.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, blending is superior to juicing.  The nutritional benefits of blending, outweigh juicing.  The only time I would juice over blend, is if someone has a health reason to do so.  Also, it’s better than nothing.  If you won’t blend, but you will juice, then I concede, juicing is better for you.


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