Quick Tip: Load the Blender the Day Before

Dear Reader;

We all look for ways to save time in the morning and one of the things that gets sacrificed, often, is a healthy breakfast.

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter has her statewide testing.  We will make sure to get to bed early and fill her full of “brain food”.  Plus, making sure we get her there “early enough to settle in before the testing begins”… blah blah blah.  You probably know the drill for testing day.

So, I took some time this afternoon to fill our blender full of the ingredients for our breakfast.  Smoothies do take time to make, so this is a HUGE timesaver for the morning.

I just set the blender inside the fridge and pop it onto the base and blend away.

Ready to Go

Yep.  This is actually my fridge and it was actually made, today.

If you’re curious about what’s in the blender, please note:

– I didn’t measure anything, I never do

– anything you put into a green smoothie blender should be organic



washed kale (the larger portions of stalk removed)

The washed tops of some radishes I bought at Sunday’s farmer’s market

alfalfa sprouts

half of an english cucumber

frozen cherries

frozen blueberries

local honey (because we are all suffering from terrible pollen allergies)

ground flax seeds

about one-quarter of a package of frozen spinach (leftovers)

the leftovers of some green tea I brewed today (unsweetened!)

and H2O


How do I know when to stop adding?  When the blender is FULL!

That’s it.  Pretty much, whatever is lying around.

Combine this smoothie with a hard-boiled egg and it’s the perfect combination of fat, protein and carbs.

Natural, fresh, whole, healthy.



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