Finally: The True Hard Boiled Egg Solution

ughDear Reader;

Are you frustrated with half of your egg going into the garbage while peeling a hard boiled egg?  Me too!

I love hard-boiled eggs.  On a gluten-free and otherwise natural and healthy diet, there isn’t a lot of portable easy food out there that compares to the hard-boiled egg.  This is a huge frustration in my life.  The hard-boiled egg can be eaten anytime, practically anywhere and it’s full of vitamins and nutrients and void of gluten!  With one frustrating issue that I’ve tried to solve before.

I pretty much stopped boiling eggs once I switched to farm fresh, organic, pasture raised. They were a nightmare to peel. Everyone told me it was because they were too fresh.  Hmph. At $6 a dozen, who wants to watch half of it go into the trash?

Like the blog I’m going to credit in this post, I was so frustrated.  I tried all the tips that rolled into a Facebook post, where I was venting about my dilemma (what else is Facebook for?).  Sadly, none of the suggestions worked.  Not baking soda, not precise cooking times, not salted water, not ice cubes, not taking them off the flame for 12-minutes, etc…  Nothing.

Then one day, I was perusing Facebook and following links to a few health and fitness blogs I regularly follow, when I came upon this:

Who says Facebook is a waste of time???

Believe it or not, I jumped up and went to the kitchen and tried it right then.

And you know what.  It worked.

And just to be safe, I put them in the fridge and let them sit overnight.  I just peeled one, a day later and it was STILL just as easy.  I need to be able to put the unpeeled egg in the fridge, grab and go and have it peel easily.  Goldmine.

I have a Sunbeam Instant Steamer from year 2000 (thanks to my Maid of Honor) and I loaded it full of fresh eggs and steamed them for 25-minutes.  Voila!  Eggs peeled easily, seamlessly and 100% intact.  So, of course I had to share it.

No more half peely, frustrating, wasteful egg peeling for you (or me)!

There is a step by step on the site I posted above that shows you how to do this without an appliance, on the stove.

IF you happen to have a steamer, put the max liquid in and steam for 25-minutes.  Then cool the eggs with ice water.

The End, easy!


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