Dear Reader;

It may be hard to believe, but I just did my very first cleanse.  Besides the kind the doctor gives you before a colonoscopy (ugh), that is.  So, when I decided to go on a 3-day juice cleanse, I decided to try one of the juice companies that I had heard about through one of my clients.  I didn’t own a juicer, after all.  Of course, you are not surprised by this because you know I prefer to blend if you are a regular reader of my blog.  So, this is my first real experience with “juice”.

flyer that accompanies the cleanse

Austin Skinny Limits

Skinny Limits is a relatively new juice bar in Austin.  They have several locations.  I called the Far West location and spoke to the owner who explained the instructions, the different varieties of cleanses that they offer and arranged to pick up the next week.

Each day I sat at my computer and wrote what I was thinking, feeling, liking/disliking and everything in between.  Read on.

The general guidelines of the cleanse go like this:

-Each day, you drink 6 bottles of juice, in the order they tell you to drink them in.  They are clearly marked.  One flavor repeats 3x, so there are a total of 4 different juices.

-You don’t eat or drink anything else, besides water and if you need to, herbal tea or black tea.  You can eat celery, cucumber or avocado if you feel like you will die without food, but they encourage you to abstain.

-Continue all medications, supplements, etc…

-Exercise is fine, but listen to your body.

-Go on with your day as normal…

Why Cleanse

Immediately following the cleanse, I’m beginning a low FODMAP diet (following my doctor’s recommendation).  For those of you who don’t know what that means, click the link and read about it. It is often recommended to those who commonly suffer from gastric gas, bloating, pains, cramping, issues in general.  For me, it has to do with intestinal irritation and still trying to heal from wheat consumption.

Cleansing to lose weight is not something I recommend, but it can be a byproduct and a great way to begin something.  Cleansing to break food cravings or to kickstart a new eating program, would be a good reason to try a juice cleanse.  The cleanse really can help with cravings such as sweets and it can “clean out your system” so you can see the effects of an improved diet practically immediately.  So, if you’re beginning your new healthy journey, this may be a great first step.

Day 1

It’s almost one o’clock and my day began at 4:30am.  I am finishing up my third bottle of juice now.  It was a whole lot easier than I expected to get my day started without coffee.  I did however, yawn quite a bit during my 6:00am training session (so sorry L).  So far, I am surprisingly fine.  I thought I would be dying of hunger by now.  I did have a brief spell just before I opened this bottle, but it may have been brought on by my trip to Costco…

The juices taste really good.

I will say, I am COLD!  I don’t know if it’s because I’m drinking them fast (on purpose) or if it’s just because it’s only 65 degrees outside. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow and later on this evening.

Later in the day, a headache set in.

Day 2

Day two started out with a cup of coffee that I wasn’t supposed to have.  I woke up with a massive headache that seemed to remain from the day before.  Deciding it was caffeine withdrawal, I had 2/3 cup of black coffee (gross) and within an hour it was gone so I must have been right.  I felt like I really needed to go ahead and have the coffee; I do still have to go to work!  If I could have hung out at home all day, I may have made a different decision.

All the way around, day two was FAR better than day one.  I had bursts of energy throughout the day.  The hunger hit me a few times, especially while I was making meals for other people (I still have to be a mom too!).  All in all, a super easy day.  AND I am surprised by that.

Day 3

Went straight for the coffee and had another 2/3 cup black this morning and headache has not returned.  Overall, very easy.  Hunger wasn’t an issue at all. I have a slight amount of mental fog going on, but not terrible.  Energy is high, mood is great, feeling all around good!  I almost don’t want to eat tomorrow so I’ll continue to feel amazing!

Day After

Any and all gastro symptoms that I typically have are non-existent.  My stomach feels great.  I feel great.  I feel fresh and ready for the day.

I started out stow with food and ate 100% clean and fresh all day long.

I have zero interest in greasy, unhealthy, super sugary or junk foods, which is great.  I am craving real veggies and fruits, nuts and lean proteins, which is exactly what we should be eating.

Several Days Later

Bloated, gassy, crampy, uncomfortable stomach feelings that I normally have every day are still non-existent.  I’ve been taking a powerful probiotic each day, so that may be helping.  I’ve continued to eat super clean, so they don’t return.  It’s a relief to feel better.

Bottom Line:

I recommend the cleanse for the following situations:

  • beginning a new healthy eating program
  • to cut cravings for sugar or salt
  • to relieve uncomfortable gastro symptoms



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