The PERFECT Chicken

Dear Reader;

I am a huge fan of the crock pot.  Any time I can cook easier and less messy, I’m in.  I use a recipe for a whole chicken (can’t even remember where I originally got the recipe from) that cooks the chicken absolutely perfect, every single time.  The only complaint I have is that it falls off the bone!  Which can make it hard to get it out of the crock pot, but it’s seriously good.  And I love to make these for lunches, think chicken salad or chicken sandwiches.  It’s a great alternative to nitrate and preservative filled lunch meats.

And don’t forget to save the juices and refrigerate.  The fat will accumulate at the top and you can skim it off, making the PERFECT broth (just add water)!


1-whole chicken (preferably organic, free range, antibiotic / hormone free, but this one pictured is only organic)

salt and pepper (optional)

5 even squares of aluminum foil



Start with your whole chicken: rinse really well and remove the “innards” (reserve for another use or discard).


Take the 5 sheets of aluminum foil and crumble them evenly, line the bottom of the crock pot, like this:

line the bottom of the croc pot

line the bottom of the crock pot

Place the chicken, breast up, on top of the foil balls.  The point is to keep the chicken from sitting in its own juices/fat.  It cooks the chicken super lean and delicious.  No need to tie the legs or anything, just plop it in.

place the chicken on top of the foil

place the chicken on top of the foil


Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Place the lid on the top of the crock.  Turn it on high and cook for 4-5 hours.

That’s it.

If you’re worried if it’s done or not, take the temperature of the dark meat, just at the lower portion of the leg (the thigh) and it should read 165, or above.  When it’s done, let sit for about half hour then pull all the meat from the bone (discarding skin!), including the dark meat.  You can serve the chicken as a meal, make chicken salad like this or you can use it for other dishes requiring chicken.

This chicken salad pictured, is made with mayo and relish. BUT my favorite is to use avocado in place of the mayo and add green onions and relish.

use lettuce cups instead of bread

use lettuce cups instead of bread or crackers



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