A Very Square Bar

Dear Reader;

When it comes to food, I subscribe to the theory of real food wins.  I lean more toward simple and whole and even a lot of raw.  I don’t do very much processed and preserved; trying to avoid added ingredients like flavors or colors, chemicals and sugars…

So, when I find a portable food that I can feel good about, of course I’m going to share it with you.

Meet the Squarebar:


The fact that I rarely eat processed foods is one thing, but I really hesitate on what I feed my kids.  This happens to be the very first “protein bar” that I allow my kids to eat.  The ingredients (for a bar) are as good as it gets.  As with anything, we eat these in moderation and times where convenience trumps everything.

My Endorsement

I always feel the need to say this whenever I feature a product on my blog.  My intention with this site is not to make money and I accept ZERO dollars from any company, ever.  I endorse products that I truly like, have tried on my own and have purchased with my own money.  The end.

The Squarebar comes in 3 flavors

Cocoa Almond (my favorite)

Cocoa Coconut

Cocoa Crunch

I like each flavor, but my favorite is definitely the Cocoa Almond.  Based on the fact that they are often sold out of that flavor, it seems like it’s everyone’s favorite.

Their Price Tag

They aren’t the least expensive bar on the shelf.  They cost about $2.97 each in the store and are 10 cent less on their website.  I usually order them online, straight from Squarebar when they run a sale.  Right now they are offering FREE shipping and 10% off for joining their mailing list.

You can buy them in cases of 12.


If you’re not interested in ordering them online, they have a LOCATE button on their site that allows you to find a store near you.  I bought my first Squarebar at Whole Foods Market.


Each bar is ORGANIC and NON GMO VERIFIED!  They are also gluten-free and vegan; free of soy, peanuts and corn.

The bars contain approximately 200 calories, 12 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat (6 grams saturated – due to the coconut ingredients).

Each bar is slightly different, but you’ll find ingredients like these:

organic coconut nectar *

organic whole grain brown rice protein

organic dark chocolate (also sweetened with coconut nectar)

organic coconut oil

organic gluten-free oats

organic cocoa liquor

organic brown rice crisps

sunflower lecithin

sea salt

organic brown rice syrup

*Coconut nectar has a lower glycemic index score and contains 17-amino acids, minerals, vitamins C and B.  It’s a better choice than refined sugar, hands down.  The downside is that it’s kind of expensive…


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