About Tasha

Hi Reader,

My name is Tasha and I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  I live in Cedar Park, Texas (a suburb of Austin).  Fitness and nutrition have been a passion of mine for several years.  If you’d like to know how it all started for me, begin by reading:


I am a busy mom of two beautiful girls.  I love to run, socialize, paddle board, vacation, laugh, read and listen to music.

I haven’t always been a fitness fanatic, but for the last several years, it’s been a major focal point of my daily life.  I believe training begins in the kitchen and includes stress management, life balance and self compassion.  We are all human and we are far from perfect.  I believe we should use each day to improve and learn how to be the best us.

My favorite saying is: “it’s all about the food”.  Weight loss begins in the kitchen and weight maintenance begins in the gym.  Exercise, though vital, is not the cornerstone of health, but a piece of the puzzle.

Helping people to get the most out of their body is my passion.  The body is an amazing and strong machine, but at the same time, it is fragile and needs nurturing.

If you are interested in personal training with me, contact me at:

my personal studio:

4 Core Fitness

Cedar Park, Texas 78613



Anytime Fitness Lakeline Boulevard





B A L A N C E :

My Training Philosophy:

As a trainer, I specialize in weight loss and getting to the root of the cause. The weight is a symptom of something else. With me, it’s not just exercise; yes, I’m a trainer, but that’s not what defines me. My goal? It’s healing you from within and allowing the body to dictate the pace and the movements and knowing when it is okay to push.

Health is a balancing act of four major elements.

All four of the elements effect the other.

Exercise – cardiovascular, strength training, balance, agility, endurance, and flexibility are all equally important. Being strong in one area will not serve you the way strength in all areas will. Using a variety of ways to hone these elements is the fun part and why my job is fun. Plyometrics, body weight / calisthenics, TRX or bands, lifting weight, functional movements, and HIIT are all great tools that can be used.

Nutrition – the true cornerstone to any healthy lifestyle and especially weight loss. Food has to be re-defined in your life. It should become the means to nurture, protect, vitalize and cure the body. Food comes from the earth and isn’t purchased out of a container or plastic bag in the grocery store. Our food pyramid has caused sickness and dire metabolic disorders over the last 3 decades. It’s time for a change. If you would like to truly be well, it begins here.

Sleep – underestimate the importance of this piece of the pie and you will suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. Not only is it essential for the other three elements, but it is essential for the body to revitalize and repair itself. Make this the priority that it should be and you will begin to heal.

Stress – eats our body from the inside out. When I see too much stress, I see inflammation taking over. When the body is putting out a fire constantly, it has zero energy left over for the important things. Not only will your exercise suffer because your energy is wasted elsewhere, you will make food decisions that are not healthy for you and your sleep will suffer.

Interconnected. Equally Essential. Balance is Health.


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