Why Do I Blog

The answer: I wanted another outlet to express the “other” vital parts that, in my opinion, go hand in hand and sometime before the fitness aspect of being healthy. I believe the health of the body has many facets and it’s not all about exercise, though vitally important. My goal is to bring the entire day into the equation. Training is more than the few hours a month. I’d like to impact the rest of the day, as well, to ensure success!

Some of the things you may see me blog about:

~ Food. I am obsessed with food and it’s impact on the body. Also, I aspire to introduce my Readers and clients to new, nutritious foods. Or to teach a healthier way of preparing those foods. My Southern roots dictated how I thought food should be prepared, for most of my 20’s and early marriage. I did not learn how to cook healthy until much later. And it was by trial and error, and by asking for advice from those that knew what they were doing. Since food is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle, this might be the most important topic I blog about. It all starts here.

~ Fitness. As a Personal Trainer, it is something I study intently. Any piece of information I come across, I read. If I see something I feel like sharing, you’ll be the first to know.  Part of my goal as a trainer is to remember that I don’t know everything.  I am still learning and there is always a better way.

~ Books. Sometimes, I read books (yep, can you believe it :) that change the way I view food, fitness, life or anything else. I pass this on to you, only when it’s impact has been profound.  I’m a tough critic.

~ Statistics. I really like statistics. Hard, cold fact. I love the way they tell a story and how they inspire change within our culture.

~ Philosophy. My personal opinions. Most of the things you will read are based on my own personal story, my own beliefs and my own body and health. I am always up for an enlightenment. My opinions are never in stone. I will often look to you, Reader, to inspire me.

~ My life. I will share pieces of my own personal life here, as I believe my inspirational impact will mostly come from my own, true story. I can relate to so many of you, so why not allow you to relate to me?

In close, my goal is intended to inspire and promote better health, teach something new and simply share a story with you. A great start in reading this blog is the post titled The Beginning. I hope we can connect in a way that makes you feel just as comfortable to share with me. I’d love to know if you’re struggling, just as much as I’d love to know how well you are doing.

I think we are all alike, more than we are different.



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