Dear Reader,

I need to take a moment to make sure you are aware of a few things before you read my blog:

~Although I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, everything you read here is based on my opinion and my personal experience and is not intended as individual personal training advice.   Each of my clients are individuals and they need an individual training plan that is produced after an evaluation of fitness status has been determined.  I am not aware of your individual goals, health history, risk factors, past or current injuries, lifestyle or anything else that I would typically use to evaluate a client prior to exercise.  Please understand that I cannot recommend exercise, until I am aware of each individuals factors.

~Any advice given, is purely an opinion of my own and is not meant to be taken as professional advice.

~You should consult with your health provider, before trying anything you see or read on this blog.

~As always, my goal is to keep you healthy. Before you begin any new physical activity, regardless of your source of inspiration, you should consult with your doctor and receive a physical evaluation to see if you are physically able to embark on the exercise.  There are certain risk factors that contraindicate exercise and should be evaluated first.

~All statements within these pages are to the best of my knowledge and though I try to keep facts correct, if I have misquoted a fact here, it is not my intention to mislead you. Please feel free to point out any errors by emailing me directly at fitfoodie@mail.com.

~I often quote other websites, sources, pages and information for my own use and I do not warranty any of this information, but only use it as reference.

~The photos you see contained in these pages are from a variety of web sources or from my own camera. I do not own any rights to any photo I have used from the world-wide web.  However, any photo that I have taken with my own recording device and included in this blog, are not for use by anyone else; they are private property.

~I do not hold a degree or professional certification in nutrition or other culinary programs. I am only sharing my own personal opinions and nutritional knowledge that have been learned via my own experience as an individual and mother, not by professional training or certification.   I have been educated in only very basic nutrition with my CPT certification, but I am not trained to give meal plans or individual nutritional advice.  Anything I write here, is based on my own research and personal opinion. Please do not consider me an expert on any dietary condition, diet or disease. I am only expressing my opinions on food and I am not an expert.

~I am not paid by anyone, any company, any product. I am an individual and I do not benefit monetarily from this blog. I do not blog about products or anything else that I do not truly like, believe in, have tried or have other personal knowledge of. I do not accept money for anything contained in this blog. Period.

~No warranties expressed, nor implied.

Thank you for reading.


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