Lemon Poppyseed Grain FREE Granola

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Dear Reader; This post was written for those of you who finally realized cereals are TERRIBLE for you.  Enjoy the same ease, crunch, texture, satiety and portability as a box of cereal or a bar.  The BIG difference is what it … Continue reading

Do You Eat Bananas?

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Dear Reader; In recent years, I’ve come across blogs, diet plans, people and fitness gurus who have claimed we shouldn’t really eat bananas or at the very least, bananas are not the best choice.  Like this one, and this one … Continue reading

Why You Should Eat Grapefruit (and who should not)

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Dear Reader; When was the last time you ate a red grapefruit?  Hopefully, we will change that with this post. Grapefruit has long been heralded for its weight loss properties; think back to the “grapefruit diet” of the seventies.  Remember … Continue reading